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Welcome to Nanak Metal Industries!
About Us Improving, renewing, perfecting, reinventing, innovating: here at DEURA we do not conform to convention. This is the spirit that leads us to imagine new bathroom spaces, created thinking of you, as small, private universes where you can allow your body and mind to recover from the hectic pace of life that surrounds us.

Water, forms, spaces and colors, materials and solutions, are studied to help you find the relaxation or stimulation, the rest or inspiration you need in your everyday life, In collaboration with illustrious designers and architects, DEURA offers bold, innovative solutions developed with the most advanced materials and components applied with state of the art technology.

DEURA also helps you maintain your commitment to the environment by offering solutions for reducing water and every consumption. At DEURA we reinvent, innovate and perfect bathroom spaces to make you feel alive.
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